Oil Spills Danger to All

There are many oil spills that occur every year. They harm the environment, the plants, the animals, and the people who live near it. People can clean up the spill. The environment takes the disaster of an oil spill and the follow a natural process to clean itself.
Oil spills are dangerous to everything and cost a lot to clean up. In France an oil spill occurred that leaked ten million liters of oil into the ocean on December twelfth. The spill cost seven million dollars to clean up. After all the clean up attempts three hundred and fifty kilometers of coastline was covered in oil. The oil will stay in the sand for almost thirty years. Other things affected would include the sea birds. All the clean up crews estimate that up to one hundred thousand sea birds died. The oil killed them when it coated their bodies so they could not fly away and they drowned (BBCnews p.1).
One of the worst places in the world for an oil spill to occur is in Alaska. On March 1989 the Exxon Valdez grounded itself in Alaska. The tanker spilled eleven million gallons of oil into the waters of south central Alaska. The spill affected many different animals, the land, and the people living near the spill site. Many people responded to the spill and quickly went to the site to help clean it up. The oil shipping company contributed nearly two million to help clean the spill up. The spill damaged the tundra. The damaged spots will take up to fifty years for the tundra to repair. The fish, that the spill damaged are still recovering. Two major types of fish were damaged. They were salmon and herring. The oil will cover the fish and the fish will suffocate to death. The oil also damages the eggs the fish lay. It makes the baby fish deformed or not born at all. The decline in the fish population is what hurt the people the most. Ten years later the fish are still returning to their point of stability (Birkland, Thomas p.4)
Humans clean up oil spills all the t…

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