Oceans in Motion

oceans in motion

Anyone who as ever been in or around the oceans know that they are in constant motion. Currents, waves and tides cause this motion. All these motions have vital effects on the sea.
The motion in the ocean is caused mainly by one of three ways. This motion is know as waves. They are driven by the wind. Waves may not be the most intense of the ocean movement but are the most familiar of all the ocean phenomena. They are easily visible by shore and effect all life on the shore. This is just one way in which the oceans never stop.
The next way in how the oceans are put in motion is by currents. All the major ocean currents are driven by the wind. Although the currents do not travel the same way of the winds. The currents travel at a 45-degree angel because of what is called the Coriolis effect. This activity in the oceans is also a way to keep the oceans in motion.
The major way in that the ocean moves is by the tides. For the past billions of years the tides have been rising and falling in a rhythmic pattern. Although this is not caused by wind. They are caused by the sun and moon. A full tidal circle takes 24 hours and 50 minutes, which is why the tides are different every day. A complete tide cycle contains two high tides and two low tides. This last movement is another way in that the oceans are in motion.
All theses way talked about above are the main ways that oceans are in motion and are kept in motion. Tides, waves, and currents are the three main ways. They all have a vital effect on the sea and the life in and around it and they are all in motion.

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