Ocean Pollution: Effects on Human Health and Commerce/Econom

The ocean is used as a major international resource. It is becoming more and more evident that our careless habit of polluting the ocean is having a degrading effect on our health and economy.
Types of toxic seafood include Pfiesteria, mercury poisoning, bacteria such as Hepatitis A, E .coli and giardia . Toxic substances come from the leakage of landfills, dumps, mines and farms, to name the primary sources.
Human health implications include, but are not limited to, male infertility, birth defects, gastroenteritis, cholera, and death. Red tides which are blooms of toxic algae- researchers believe red tides may be related to growing marine pollution – are increasing worldwide and pose dangerous risks for humans. People who live and work near the ocean with asthma and chronic lung disease, and children, may be more at risk to air-borne toxic algae associated with red tides.
In some parts of the work, fish and shellfish that feed on toxic blooms are dangerous, and sometimes fatal, for humans to eat. Economy
Toxic seafood causes decline in sales. Can create a negative reputation among particular foods and food brands.
Overfishing causes a major depletion of fish within a species. This causes a slowing in the reproduction rate which means that there is less fish caught the next time around, this hurts the economy because more fish were expected than produced. Overfishing also costs people jobs and can lead to the economic breakdown of small coastal communities that rely on the fishing economy.
Tourism Economy- In places where beaches are major tourist attractions, ocean pollution can cause a drawback. Unsightly litter may deflect tourists. Or toxic and chemical pollution that cause health problems for humans can cause beaches and recreational activities (such as boating and SCUBA diving) to be closed to the public.

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