The Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home

The Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home was established to provide safe, secure custody for juveniles being charged with a crime, or are awaiting court action. The majority of children are held pending court disposition or transfer to another jurisdiction or agency. A few children may be held temporarily for as long as three months. Currently the referrals come from the Juvenile Courts of Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church.
In 1960, Northern Virginia built the home for the sole purpose of housing all of its juvenile delinquents. Over the course of thirty years, the home’s size became the cause for concern to the Juvenile courts.Although there had only been one escape in the prior thirty years, The Juvenile Detention Commission of Northern Virginia felt that the home was too small.To deal with the growing cause for concern, a second detention center was built in Fairfax City.This home was to serve most of Fairfax County, splitting the duties with the older, original Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home.Formerly the NVJDH housed up to 80 youths in its one and only building.After splitting from Fairfax in 1992, the home increased its size by adding two newer, more modern buildings.Although larger and more modern, the newer home was built just to house up to sixty juveniles.There are quarters for up to fifty boys and ten girls.
The judicial process for a juvenile charged with a crime, and awaiting court, begins at the NVJDH.The detention and judicial process is split up into three sections.These three sections most frequently add up to an automatic thirteen months of Detention home and court procedures.For thefirst three months on the juvenile’s detention, it is spent in the NVJDH.This is where the juvenile receive social, emotional, cognitive, and other therapeutic recreation until their court hearing.If found guilty of the charge or charg…

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