Good nutrition is not just for adults; it is essential for children as well. There are many different nutrition guides out there, but one that most people are aware of is the food guide pyramid. It tells you what foods are good and what foods are not so good. It also states how much of one food to have a day. This is not really a prescription, but a general guide that helps tell you what is right for you.
At the top of this pyramid is the smallest section. This includes the fats, oils, and sweets such as candy, butter, margarine, salad dressing, jelly, sour cream, soda and sweet desserts. All of these should be used sparingly, or not very often. There is no specific serving size for this group because this is the group that you should eat sparingly and not really part of your everyday meals.
The second section in the food guide pyramid is the milk yogurt and cheese. This requires two to three servings per day. The lowest in fat is skim milk and nonfat yogurt. Use these often. One and a half to two ounces of cheese count as one serving from this group because this can replace the same amount of calcium as one cup of milk. Also, choose "part skim" or low fat cheeses when you can, and lower fat milk desserts like ice milk or frozen yogurts. Examples of one serving are one cup of milk or yogurt, one and one half ounces of natural cheese, or two ounces of process cheese.
The third block, which is right next to the second block, is the meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Choose lean meat, poultry without skin, fish, and dry beans and peas often, they are the best choices lowest in fat. Helpful ways to prepare meat in low fat ways are as follows: Try to trim away all the fat that you can see, Remove all skin from poultry, and boil, roast, or broil these foods instead of frying them. Some things that count for one serving are two to three ounces of cooked lean meat, poultry, or fish, or one half cup of cooked dry bean…

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