Nursing scholary paper

Mr. G, an advanced resident in Sunnybrook, who has swallowing problem, was fed breakfast by a nurse in the dining room. He seemed fatigue and fell sleep 5 minutes after feeding. I observed the nurse shaking his shoulder with her hand and speaking in loud matter: "Wake up, open your mouth, hurry up."
"Values are important because they influence decisions and actions, including nurses' ethical decision making."(Kozier,2002, P71) Here we can see that Mr.G felt tired and wanted to sleep rather than having breakfast. For the nurse, she felt upset and believed that proving nourishment at breakfast is fundamental to caring. Also, the breakfast is beneficial for him. It gives him energy and promotes his health. The nurse believes she is responsible in providing care for him and she has considers the safety issue in order to prevent his choking if he falls asleep during breakfast.
" A right is a claim or privilege to which one is justly entitled, either legally or morally." (Keatins & O'Neil B,2000,P264) For Mr.G, he has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect. The nurse spoke loudly: "wake up, open your mouth hurry up." This treated him like a child. He has the right to agree or refuse participation in any health care, once he knows the consequences of any of these decisions. However, he is responsible to work as a partner in the health care team and to follow the safety standards of the nursing home, to give his caregivers accurate information about his health and needs. For the nurse, she has the right to express her thinking and carry out the care in agreement with the patients and respect for the clients. She is responsible for providing, facilitating, advocating and promoting the best possible care for clients, seeking assistance and taking responsibility for errors including verbal, emotional and unprofessional behaviors toward clients. Therefore, she can't touch the cl…

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