Nuclear Independence Day

Nuclear Independence Day

Since July 16th, 1945 thefirst A-bomb was discover until today, unclear weapon are playing a major part of the 20th century's most reliable military defense system. Throughout the past five decades or so, many strong military nations like United State, Soviet Union (USSR), China, France, England . . . seems very interesting to invest nuclear weapon than any other military weapon. It seems like a country without nuclear weapon wills no longer deserves the title of Great Power! A country is defenseless without nuclear protection. Over the last 50 years, nuclear weapons were developed that dwarfed the 1945 bombs in destructiveness, and major military powers stocked their arsenals with these arms. Every year the world spends 3,500 trillion dollars to restock their nuclear weapon power. Every year the world spends half trillion dollar to protect the weapon from unnecessarily exploration and stolen . . . From 1992-1996 total of 79 nuclear emergency research was recalled to NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team) for help. Term like "Broken Arrow", "Red Six" and " Landlord Access Red" are becoming the most common nuclear weapon warning recall used in NEST and NASA . . .

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The explosive power of a nuclear weapon comes from nuclear fission or nuclear fusion, or both–in the case of the HYDROGEN BOMB. A typical small nuclear weapon has the explosive yield of tens of thousands of tons (kilotons) of the conventional explosive TNT; a large nuclear weapon might have the yield of a million tons (megatons) of TNT or more. A single nuclear weapon can kill hundreds of thousands of people, and when carried on a ballistic missile, can travel intercontinental distances in less than half an hour. The deployment of tens of thousands of these weapons, primarily by the United States and the Soviet Union, has threatened annihilation with little or no warning. The devastating effects of nuclear…

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