Nuclear Fission and fusion Power Plants

Nuclear Fission and Fusion Power Plants
Nuclear energy at the moment can be formed through two possible processes. These are called fusion and fission. Though both processes form the same thing, they are entirely different.
Fission energy (left) is created by splitting the atom, which is most often Uranium 235. Fission energy, using Uranium, works by a complicated system. We begin with several Uranium atoms and free moving neutrons. The neutrons move about, sometimes colliding with the atoms, sometimes bouncing off, but every now and then it enters an atom causing it to split or "fission". This creates two new atoms to emerge and 3 neutrons bounce off towards other atoms. During this process though the total mass of these particles decreases. This is because as they have split, it has released energy as heat. This heat energy can be harnessed is used in the nuclear power plant.
Einstein's famous equation for the atom bomb, "e = mc2", is a form of nuclear fission energy. When this process is made on a large bunch of atoms, the process continues until all atoms are converted to free neutrons. Over this period a tremendous amount of heat energy is created. The atom bomb is formed.
Fusion energy (right) is created by joining or "fusing" atoms. In this case it is the joining of two hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen atoms move freely, much like the neutrons in fission energy. When they collide they often join and create a new atom. This new atom becomes helium, which will then keep attracting other atoms as it tries to fill its outer shell. Also like fission energy, a loose neutron is created. This process creates heat energy, although it is by far less than during the fission process.
[pic of dissection of nuclear reactor]
This is the generally used layout of a fission power plant. Inside the core (to the left) it begins in an area in which are the atoms and free neutrons

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