Nuclear Disaster in Japan

There was a nuclear reaction at a uranium processing plant in Japan that
has brought an enormous amount of people to stay indoors, to stop farming,
and to have many schools closed down.There was a large amount of radiation
spilt and researchers estimate that there was up to 39 people that were
exposed to high amounts of radiation.
The town in which this radiation accidents occurred was in Tokaimura.
Tokaimura is located about 90 miles away from Tokyo.The victims of this
accident were showing extreme symptoms of being exposed to radiation, high
amounts of vomiting and diarrhea.Three of the victims were fireman, that
were said to have been exposed to the chemicals while carrying the victims
The nuclear reactionwas put under control about twenty hours after the
accident. The governor was extremely happy when he heard that the chain
reaction had stopped because if it had succeed and kept evolving then the
reaction could have turned into the critical stage in which the chemicals
would be able to just burn on their own.
Tokyo’s government does admit to being slow to react to one of the worse
nuclear reactions spills in this nation.The governor was very ashamed to
The officials that were trying to contain the spill evacuated one-hundred
and sixty people within 350 yards from the plant.The announcements were
made in many ways such as loud speakers, radio announcements, and
skywriters.Everyone was told to close their windows and to stay indoors.
There was 313,000 people that were told to stay indoors that were within six
One of the local residents, Yoko Kurosawa, said, “I’m scared because I
can’t see (the threat) with my own eyes.I’m keeping my doors and windows
closed and can’t use my air conditioner.I can’t sleep.”Yoko lived within
about 2 miles of the plant.Yoko was 26 years old.There were at

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