nuclear defense

About a year ago I was having the familiar problem with Army recruiters. Finally, instead of saying that I was interested and hanging up, I decided to talk to the guy. I told him I didn't want to join the Army because I was a pretty big fan of peace. He told me that's what fighting wars was all about. That they were fighting for peace. Hmph. War is Peace. So I asked him to explain exactly how killing people could possibly bring peace. "I… I'm not sure," he said. I could see that he was beginning to feel inferior – this soldier that was most likely twice my size. I could have toyed with him for another ten minutes, but I just said, "Well maybe you should give it some thought before committing your entire life to it." He said "Yeah" and hung up. I haven't heard from them since.
Why is it that so many Americans believe that we are the heroes? Because President Bush is pushing the drug of patriotism? That word seems to be the blood of Jesus – bathing our transgressions to make them seem pure. Samuel Johnson said, "Patriotism is the last defense of a scoundrel." Right on Sam. Let me tell you something very important, we are not the heroes. America, while dangling Iraq by their ankles and shaking them until some sort of weapon of mass destruction falls from their pockets, happens to have the world's largest and deadliest arsenal of toys designed for the game of death. It's just swell to think of these weapons as protection from evil enemies (who currently are being produced by the most broken and destitute places on Earth), but they were designed and built for one reason: to destroy thousands of people at the same time.
Our situation is like this: A corporate man owns about half of the apartments in the city. To say the least, he doesn't care for his tenants. Many of them complain about finding rat droppings in their kitchens, dirt and grime on the…

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