Novel To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Research

What does Bildungsroman mean? Bildungsroman pertains to novels andit’s main character, or who the story is told by (narrator). In thenovel To Kill a Mockingbird, the story unfolds through the eyes ofsix year old girl named Scout.The story takes place in the small southern town of Maycomb, Alabamaduring the early 1900s where prejudice was at its peak. Many people have siblings, sometimes they are the older sibling andthey watch how their younger brother or sister develops into anadult. You may notice that their attitudes change. You may also seehow they loose a quality that all babies and young children have,innocence. Most likely your brother or sister will look up to you as their roleolder more responsibility will be put upon them. They will learn thelittle secrets that your parents have kept hidden from them. Yoursibling will experience things for themselves. He or she will nolonger rely on you or your parents for help. They have now lost alltheir innocent qualities. This is exactly the same as Scout and Jem,Scout in this case watched how Jem grew out of his “kiddish” acts.

In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the main character Scout was alittle girl who was 6 years old. She had an older brother, his namewas Jem. Jem and Scout played together and did not rely on Atticus,their father. Then after many summers of Jem and Scout playingtogether something changed…Jem changed. He no longer wanted toplay with Scout. She watched his “transformation” take place. Scoutwent to school, she learned new things that she would have neverhave known before, a word called prejudice.An innocent 6 year old was brought out of innocence and brought intoexperience. She watched as Atticus defended a black man. The blackman was on trial for rape. Scout knew he was innocent, so did therest of Maycomb. She went to court with Atticus; she experienced howthe blacks were treated differently then whites. Scout sat up withother black because her family was disliked because her fatherdefended a black man. On the last day of the trial, she sat in thecourt room waiting for the verdict to be read, she though toherself that the black man is going to be acquitted. The verdictwas in, GUILTY. An innocent man has been convicted of rape. Scoutexperienced how blacks were treated differently then blacks.

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