north korea

One of the misconceptions about the North Korean prisoner camps, where the extraordinary amount of brainwashing happening in them.The communists gave the American prisoners of war some reeducating.Brainwashing proved in the long run to be unproductive, but it did keep 21 Americans in camp.The American armed forces tried to find out what really happened with their own psychologists, but the information taken was inconclusive.Some of the POW's in the North Korean camps where corrupted with the communism toxin, which made a few of the men turn on their own friends and country.No Americans ever escaped from the Communism prison camps.The death rate was the highest in history, 38%.

Lt. Col. William E Mayer, one of the psychiatrists who participated in the interviewing and Eugene Kinkead, a free lance writer The revolution of the 1930's proved that the American adolescence church life and schooling was developing a good character in the children's society, which intern translated itself onto the line of battle.Where the American POW's showed great weakness for the will to survive.As the author of the American Prisoners of War in Korea H. H. Wubben points out about the armed forces, “The average soldier gave little concern to the conflicting values underlying the military struggle , , , [and] Although he showed a strong but tacit patriotism, this usually did not lead him in his thinking to subordinate his personal interests to the furtherance of ideal aims and values.”The soldiers also faced bouts of apathy or depression which possibly led some of the troops to death.Kinkead-Mayer reported “Failures in adjustment were most apparent in the 18-to-23-year-old group who had little or no previous experience and much overprotection.

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Dr. Harold Wolff, a consultant to the Advisory committee reported that about 10% of the Americans didn't put up a fight or corresponded to the enemies requests.The…

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