North Korea

Should the U.S Engage in Multilateral Talks
with N. Korea?
"As day breaks on yet another peaceful morning, a young girl prances through an open field. She joyfully sang while picking up the bright and colorful flowers before her, examining them with care so that she can fully appreciate their beauty. As quickly as the sky turned gold in `the morning, darkness replaces it. Without a moments' notice, a fire sweeps the land and all things in it into nothingness."
This is a description of a commercial played during the Cold War era to relay to t he public the threat of a possible nuclear attack.

Although deterrence seems to be effectively mediating the world's conflicts and how countries respond to them, the possibility that rouge regimes and terrorists could obtain this very same technology and use it against humanity is very real.North Korea's ever expanding desire to acquire weapons of mass destruction and its drastic success as of late has posed a threat to human progress that must be addressed.As long as a diplomatic solution remains viable, this conflict can and should end peacefully.This makes it immensely important that the United States handle the current opportunity to negotiate with the North Koreans as best as possible.The most efficient means of resolving this controversy diplomatically would consist of multi-lateral talks with the United States, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea and North Korea.Multi-lateral negotiations with North Korea would be beneficial for four major reasons: U.S credibility, enforcement of a resolution, cost-sharing among all parties involved and effectiveness of the negotiations.In a post Iraq war era where U.S credibility is at its lowest point since the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, bringing together an international coalition is crucial.
According to Al Gore's speech at the DNC in 2004, U.S credibility as of late is at an all time lo…

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