Define "ethics" as it applies to your discipline.Identify/discuss at least three ethical issues PR practitioners may deal with.Discuss two or more specific examples of "ethics" you have had to handle, in either this internship or at other time.
In my profession ethics comes in many forms. In the world of Public Relations ethics plays an important role in most decisions that a public relations person must make. Ethics in my discipline is your feelings in deciding what is morally right and what is wrong. Ethics is also what value you place on your self-duty, duty to client, duty to profession and also to society. Of these five examples of ethics in public relations three are the most constantly weighed in order to make decisions. The three main examples are duty of employer, duty of self and client. Ethics
comes up in not only my chosen field of study but in everyday life as well. I have dealt many times in my everyday normal life.
As I stated before ethics in my discipline is your feelings in deciding what is morally right and what is wrong. It also has played an important role in many public relations objectives. Ethics also has to be considered before any public relations person can decided a plan of action. In our society public relation’s people have the task of putting a positive spin on certain issues. In this current climate of political turmoil PR people must sometimes do things that go against their belief system. I as apolitical public relations person has a duty to so many people that my
personal ethical beliefs has to be bent a little in order to fulfill my duties. So ethics is in my opinion whatever you feel is the right decision if all accounts have been taken in. A public relation person’s main job goal is to keep a positive image of all their clients and companies. Public relation people need to accomplish this and stay true to them self at the same time.
The Above paragraph stated th…

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