Ernest Hemingway was a writer who could capture the essence of American Literature.His unique writing style and his use of imagery allowed readers to get a clear picture of what was taking place in the story.Hemingway's wording in his text could seem somewhat redundant at times, but it inevitably allowed the reader to get a sense of what the narrator was feeling at that given time in the story.His ability to attack the reader's interest with a love story inside of a war story allows him to build on his unique writing philosophy.This unique writing philosophy is what separates Hemingway from other authors.
In this passage in book two, Hemingway writes infirst-person narration.Most of the passages that are in this book are written in this narration.This type of narration leads into the descriptive style of writing Hemingway uses throughout the duration of the novel.This idea of description in his writing allows the reader to picture every detail that takes place in the story.The imagery that is used in this passage is not only evident in this paragraph, but in others as well.Hemingway is able to build Tenente's character through the use of his imagery and also through his descriptive writing style.Readers are able to understand Tenente's feelings towards Catherine through Hemingway's unique philosophy.Like Edith Wharton, Ernest Hemingway's overly descriptive writing style has given Tenente unique characteristics that are evident in this paragraph.The paragraph, which is the opening paragraph in chapter twenty-eight, is a descriptive narration of a dinner Tenente!
had with Catherine.This paragraph is an excellent example of Hemingway's writing in that he would discuss a situation that he was in, but he manages to talk about an intimate moment with Catherine as well.This is common in Hemingway's style of writing in that there is always

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