This past presidential election was one the most historic events that our young country has ever seen. There have been disputed elections before but none have been brought to the State Supreme Courts or the Federal Supreme Courts. So much controversy surrounding an election really was unheard of before this past year. Therefore, as one might expect, a plethora of information about the election and the events that transcribed is available. The only problem is trying to sort out the most important happenings.Thefirst event that I have found worthy of inclusion in the ten most important of the past election cycle was the Republican National Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.It was thefirst chance that we got to see of how well George W. Bush could be of a leader. The next event that helped shape the election was Vice-President Gore's choice of Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate. The fact that Sen. Lieberman was a Jew played a key role in the w!
ay Gore was thought of during the remainder of the campaign. After that the next important occurrence was the tightening of the race during the middle of September. Finally the race became a tense battle between two rather similar candidates.As October came around the race was at a dead heat with the leader in the polls changing almost everyday. Just in time for the second round of debates which pitted Vice-President Gore and Governor Bush across from one another at a round table-style debate. The next incident was Vice President Gore's concession call to Gov. Bush at his headquarters in Austin, Texas, only to call the Governor back a few hours later and retract his earlier concession due to the mistakes made in Florida, New Mexico, and Oregon. The next day, Thursday, November 9, the State of Florida ordered the recount of every presidential ballot cast on that Tuesday. After those recounts were found not to end the dispute, the Dem…

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