A 30-Year-old Community Police officer from New Rochelle police department ordered a Poland Spring Water bottle to go with his pizza. When he got home July, 2 he took a swig of water and felt a burning sensation in his throat.SudHe ran to the pizzeria and told them to stop selling water. denly he got a pain in his head and fainted. He lost conscious 3 times. His heart palpitated. Him and New Rochelle police investigated and concluded the bottle of water contained ammonia. But since they could find no evidence of tampering they closed the case.
He's now taking antidepressant and is seeing a psychiatrist. He can't walk or drive from fear he might pass out. Brian Espaillat only 18 months old is also a victim of poison water. On September his mother bought a bottle of Poland spring water at titanic seafood at 139th street. She gave her son Brian a drink he screamed. He spent 6 days in the hospital he lost 11 pounds his weight dropped to 20 pounds. His mouth and throat became
burnt. She has to give him water. He doesn't even want to eat. His mother and him wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares.
Another person an employee of the Westchester police burnt his throat when he bought a bottle of water. He bought it bought it from 7-11. It messed up his whole life. He has to take 5 medicines every day he can't even work that's how bad his condition is. In the Bronx a gas station worker was rushed to the hospital when he drank a bottle of Aquafina.Cops were questioning him to determine if he was faking the story. On Wednesday Mayor Giulianiy announced the NYPD and the FBI had launched an investigation. People got sick after drinking bottles of aquafina, Poland spring and Perrier laced with ammonia or lie caustic substances found in household's cleaners.
He urged people to smell the water before they dranked it. The owner of aquafina said the pl…

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