non smoking buidings

Nowadays in the United States and many countries of Europe, many non-smoking buildings, where smokingis prohibited in each of their areas,have been established. This ofcourse is something that has not yet been applied in our country and we don’t really know yet if it will, as there is a great controversy concerning this matter, since the majority of the population of our country are smokers. I myself am a smoker but nevertheless I agree with the existance of non-moking buildings because they provide a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for the people working in them and bacause in these buldings no one has to inhale other people’s smoke and become a passive smoker.
I have happened to visit buildings that accommodate many and different offices where most of the people that work in them are smokers and smoking is allowed in any part of the building. The atmosphere is awful, as soon as you enter the building you want to step out again because it’s disgusting. Your eyes get irritated, your nose feels sore and the smell of all those cigarettes burning, cigarette butts and ashes get to your nerves. As you can realise this is completely unhealthy. Imagine you are working in a building like this for some company as a negotiator, wouldn’t you feel embarrassed if a negotiator from another company came to visit you at your office to make a deal and had to experience all that mess? Not to mention the hard time he would have had to get to your room, since he would not be able to see with all that smoke. It’s kind of exagerated but you know what i mean! What impression would your company make to this person?
Another thing that is very annoying is that clothes absorbe smole, so surely after so many hours of working in such an environment, your clothes will smell really bad and so will you. You’ll smell like a human cigarette. Personally I can’t stand the smell of ashes and ciga

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