Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations are assembled to aid people that are otherwise incapable.They are established to better the lifestyle and the living conditions that our fellow humans endure.Third World Countries lack many necessities that are taken for granted in the United States.This paper gave me a better outlook on what actually goes on in other countries were survival is the main aspect of everyday life.
The research that was involved with writing my paper was somewhat hard to come by.My main source of information was the internet, but I wanted to find a country that hadn't been publicized about their problems.I looked for a poor country, that isn't really known to the world as one of the poorest societies.I had trouble locating current information that I could find on Mozambique, but I did find history on the country and based my paper on that.I looked for current information about Mozambique, but the bulk of returned information was tourist related.
Before I wrote this paper I had never known of a country named Mozambique, learning a little about their history and getting a general view of how Mozambicans live their lives was interesting to me.It was difficult finding a potential resolution to the problems in Mozambique.Every solution that came to my mind was too small in scope to apply to the widespread problems in Mozambique.
Establishing an Organization that isn't designed to make a profit was a pretty new concept to me.It was nice to think abstractly and offer something to people who are in need. As I progressed I realized that with careful disbursement of funds, and dedicated people, the state of the country could be improved.Though the idea of a Non-Profit organization to repair the country is great, the problems are sunken deep into the foundation of Mozambique.Dumping money into the situation is not always useful; Mozambique needs major reconstruct

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