No Child Left Behind

In a perfect world all children would be equal, and they would learn without any reservation throughout their school career, but the world is not perfect and unfortunately our nation's children come from diverse backgrounds that prevent such an equal school environment.As a future educator I have learned that all children are unique and diverse.Every child learns in his or her own manner, and many children are diagnosed with learning disabilities and handicaps which create obstacles in the learning cycle.Prior to taking Foundations of Education, I did not know much about the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act that President Bush put into effect in 2001.On the surface this legislation appears like an answer to many of education's problems and deficiencies, but after taking a closer look through class discussions and readings I have realized this is not a miracle to our nation's education issues.The NCLB Act is based on positive principles at its core, but it is not a solution to the problems our nation's schools face.In this paper I will state my opposition to this legislation because of its basis on standardized testing as the foundation for measuring our nation's schools, teachers, and students.I will investigate this legislation and its effect on everyone involved.The act calls for no child to be left behind, but is this idea truly feasible with the resources available to our nation's school systems?
In 2001, the federal government enacted the No Child Left Behind Act due to the falling education levels of American children in the global community.The NCLB Act was introduced to further the principles of the Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA) Act of 1965.The ESEA was implemented to "provide aid to disadvantaged students and to invest in educational research and development" ( NCLB Act holds school systems, individual schools, and teachers responsible for…

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