Nitrogen Narcosis

Nitrogen is a gas existing in the atmosphere. "Nitrogen narcosis is an anesthetic quality nitrogen has under pressure.The deeper you dive, the more pronounced this narcotic effect becomes" (Shreeves 190). Nitrogen narcosis occurs when divers go below 100 FSW [Feet of Sea Water].Scuba Divers need to be concerned with this condition.The onset of nitrogen narcosis is hard to recognize, but there are signs to look for in a person's actions.There are ways to prevent the onset of nitrogen narcosis.Once a person has nitrogen narcosis there are steps one has to take to alleviate the feelings of nitrogen narcosis.
Nitrogen narcosis occurs due to the laws of partial pressures.The condition causes loss of motor function and decision-making abilities.This condition causes one to have a feeling of being drunk.Drinking three Martinis is and example often used to explain the intoxicating feeling of nitrogen narcosis.One should consider the narcotic effect of one Martini for every fifty feet of seawater.It is the gas that causes nitrogen narcosis through the effect of Dalton's law."Dalton's law states that the total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the pressure of each of the different gases making up the mixture-each gas acting as if it alone was present and occupying the total volume" (Shreeves 36).Nitrogen also causes decompression sickness on ascent from depth with reduction of pressure.As divers descend in the water, the pressure upon their bodies increases with the water depth.In order for the divers to breathe normally, they use air at a p!
ressure equal to that of the water.Nitrogen is absorbed in the lipid or fatty tissue faster than other tissues.The brain and nervous system have a high content of lipid.Each individual has his or her own tolerance to the nitrogen.As the diver goes deeper, the symptoms increase.
Mild cases begin with t…

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