Have you ever wanted to go to a place during our winter season that is warm or hot most of the year? Well, most people choose Florida, or California. But, why not go out of the country this winter and try the largest country of Central America, Nicaragua.I did lots of research on Nicaragua, and I hope you learn as much as I did.
To begin my report, I will give you some brief history.Thefirst inhabitants of Nicaragua were the Nicaro Indians.This way of life was blended with Spanish settlers when theyfirst came.The name of this tribe was from a great Indian chief, whose name was also Nicaro.This chief was so famous that the country of Nicaragua was also gotten from his name.
Next, I will tell you about the land of Nicaragua.It is located in Central America, and is the largest country there.It is on the continent of North America.Nicaragua is 50,193 square miles (130,000 square kilometers).Honduras borders Nicaragua in the north, and it is bordered by Costa Rica on the south. There are two oceans that border Nicaragua.On the east, there is the Carribean Sea and on the west is the Pacific Ocean.
Nicaragua has many different types of land forms. There are mostly volcanoes, some active, behind the coastal plains and along the Pacific border.The activevolcanoes cause some danger to the coastal cities, but there haven’t been any serious accidents. The largest volcano in Nicaragua, the Santiago Volcano, lies south of Nicaragua’s capital city.Lots of steam rises from the little holes that surround the volcanoes. East of these volcanic regions are the Central Highlands. This part of Nicaragua is rainy and has someevergreen and deciduous forests dotted around.The forest’s floors are flat, not hilly like some other regions. Very few people live in this forest-like place.There are also some lakes in Nicaragua. One lake, Lake Nicaragua, is the largest one in Nicaragua andCentral America. The other lake …

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