New York Times Article Summary: The Anxiety Election (March 7, 2008)

For thefirst time in several years – or even decades, the Canadian dollar is worth more the American green buck. This is one indication that our neighbors to the north are enjoying a hefty economy while that of ours is in dire straits. With an election year at its full swing, the Democrats must soon realize that their winning the election in 2006 based on the "public disgust with the Iraq war (Krugman, 2008)" will not be effective anymore. Fewer Americans are concerned with the war in Iraq but rather, they are more anxious about the sad state of the nation's economy.
Although some of the voting populace still believed that this year's presidential election should also be "another referendum on the war, and, perhaps even more important, about the way America was misled into that war (Krugman, 2008)," others think otherwise because of the current economic realities facing by a lot of Americans. Barack Obama came into the presidential aspirant list with his stance on the war in Iraq but that seems to be wavering as a result of the growing anxiety with the economic conditions. Obama is big on words when it comes to how the Bush Administration and his Republican cohorts manufactured the "grim and dim" of letting a despotic nation continue its plunder; but when it comes to how he will mange to save the faltering economy, he is lost for words.
Hillary Clinton is different otherwise because she has a clear economic platform aside from having an overall strategy to solve the country's various problems. In the recent Ohio voting, the Iraq war issue was still on the plate but they are only a fraction of the total voting populace. What is still on mostly everyone's mind is getting and keeping jobs, ensuring adequate healthcare benefits, and improving the overall economic condition of the United States. Clinton is clearly leading when it comes to curing the nation's economic anxiety…

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