New directions for incarcerate

Over the years AIDS and HIV within correctional facilities has been researched over and over. Most research attention has been directed towards male inmates, however incarcerated women is the fastest growing infected group. For this reason I chose to summarize this chapter.
In the past correctional facilities tend to segregate the poor, drug users and the violent from the rest of society. This segregation still applies with today's correctional facilities. Inmates in these facilities have always faced serious medical threats. This too is still accurate to this day. The one major difference I found in the twenty-first century and the past is that most people in these facilities today will live among mainstream society again. Many of these people will have serious and contagious diseases such as AIDS and HIV without knowing much if any about the disease and the disease prevention.
Women that are considered to be high risk for AIDS and HIV are considered to be drug users, poor women and women of color. These groups are concentrated in correctional facilities. Heterosexual women make up the largest growing group to be infected with HIV.Women that are in correctional facilities are often overlooked by researchers and not included in AIDS literature.
AIDS is said to be one of the main causes of death in correctional facilities because many inmates do not know they have the disease.AIDS is also the third leading cause of death among all U.S. women between the ages of 25 and 44. Women who are intravenous drug users or who have sex with male drug injectors are more at risk than other women are.
Expenses are a major factor in the care for women with AIDS and HIV in correctional institutions. The medical expenses associated with caring for HIV inmates are very expensive. Correctional budgets have been hit hard by the cost of new treatment. The yearly cost of treating a patient infected with HIV ranges anywhere…

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