nervous system

Cell- smallest unit of living organism
Tissue- group of same kinds of cells
Organs- group of same kinds of tissue
System- group of organs with specific function
There are many functions of the nervous system. The nervous system integrates simple responses to certain types of stimuli, and it carries information to and from the brain. It also coordinates the functions of internal organs brining in stimuli from the external environment and monitoring the status of the internal environment. The nervous system responds to types of stimuli like chemical and physical things. The nervous system can also release chemical regulators and it can conduct impulses. These are the functions of the nervous system.
There are many organs in the nervous system. The main organ of the nervous system is the brain. The brain is the information center of your body. Some of the other organs in the nervous system are eyes, nerves, many glands, and the spinal cord. Your eyes bring in information. The nerves carry the information. These are some different organs in the nervous system
The nervous system is a very complex system. The nervous system primarily works by nerves reacting with stimulants from a persons external and internal environments. The nerves are like a complex messaging system that carries information to and from the brain. The brain then registers this information and then it send a reaction back through the nerves to a body part. The brain could send information to a gland to release a chemical if your body needs it. The nerves use your 5 senses (touch, taste, hear, smell, and sight) to send messages to the brain. This is basically how the nervous system works.
Diseases and cures or controls of the nervous system
One disease you can get that affects the nervous system is a brain tumor. A brain tumor is a l

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