Neo-Nazism and Juvenile Delinquency

It seems unimaginable that over half a century after World War II,
when the world learned of the horrors that took place in the German Nazi
concentration camps, that this mind-set still exists.Not only does it
still exist, it thrives within the crevices of society under various names.
However, no matter what name it goes under, it is a belief system whose
foundation is based on hate and is passed down from generation to
Neo-Nazism is refers to any social or political movement founded on
the ideology and symbolism of Nazism (Neo pg).These groups are generally
anti-Semitic, racist, and xenophobic and draw membership from people who
blame society’s ills and problems on immigrants and a presumed Jewish
conspiracy (Neo pg).Most espouse violence and believe the Holocaust of
World War II never happened (Neo pg).Within the United States, these
White supremacist groups go under go under several names, including,
Buchanan Brigade, The Ku Klux Klan, American Nazi Party, National Socialist
White People’s Party, National Alliance, National Vanguard, Christian
Identity, and World Church of the Creator (Neo pg).
Nazism or National Socialism refers to the politics that ruled
Germany from 1933-1945, called the Third Reich.Nazism is usually
associated with Fascism, although the Nazis claimed to believe a
nationalist totalitarian form of socialism, rather than the Marxist
international socialism (Neo pg).During this period, Adolf Hitler rose to
power as leader of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party when
Germany was referred to as Nazi Germany (Neo pg).Although, Nazism has
been outlawed in modern Germany, there are tiny remnants, known as Neo-
Nazis that continue to operate in Germany and throughout the world (Neo
pg).These groups espouse Nazi propaganda and minimize the Holocaust and
other Nazi acts in attempts to place a positive spin on the policies of the

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