Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was president of South Africa up until recently when he was succeeded by Thabo Mbeki, but before this he was a brave freedom fighter and activist opposing the former apartheid government in South Africa. He was dedicated to making a New South Africa.
He influenced millions to follow him on his quest for freedom until he was jailed and then freed 27 years later to become the most famous, inspirational, influential and loving leader in the world. He was also called the father of Africa.
Nelson rohlinhlahla Mandela was born eighty-one years ago in the Province of Natal in a rural town calledQunu in Transkei, which is in South Africa. Mandela was born to a poor family, which meant that he had to fend for himself and the family most of his childhood, yet it was his life long dream to free his people form the racist clutches of apartheid. The apartheid regime. During his time other victims of the system were too afraid of raising their opinions or to speak in public but Madiba (praise name) overcame these fears and voiced his thoughts, which proved worthwhile after all.
Mandela's excellent ability to speak and to convince people, his diplomacy, leadership qualities, negotiating skills and ability to forgive and forget have earned him accolades all over the world and have made him the wonderful, caring and independent man he is today.
Four years after Mandela was freed from jail South Africa had itsfirst multiracial and free elections as a democracy and of course the people chose Nelson Mandela to lead the New South Africa towards transformation. In 1992 he and former pres. Of South Africa F.W. De Klerk shared a Nobel Prize for peace and since then he has transformed the country into a beautiful and fairly stable one which in itself deserves another Prize considering the people of South Africa felt hatred towards one another.
I, and millions of others all over the world admire Mr Mandela for the pe

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