The sexuality topic I chose to research was Necrophilia. I picked necrophilia because I wanted to know what makes people want to have sex with corpses. I got the necrophilia article on the internet at "Rob's Necrophilia Fantasy", a site where they condone sexual activity with human corpses.
"By definition necrophilia is a term that describes engaging in sexual acts with a dead person. The act of necrophilia usually requires a "victim"… bondage, rape, s & m, even when done in real life, with consent or not, someone will always be a victim. Necrophilia in it’s purest form is a victim-less interest. No one is harmed, abused, or even emotionally scarred… assuming the necro-person is not into killing to make his own corpse. But for the sake of our discussion here we are talking pure necro.; (Rob;s Necrophilia Fantasy) Believing that a person;s corpse would condone sexual activity seems disturbing to me. I;m sure if the person had felt they had to say, ;I would not like anyone to have sex with my body after I am dead; that they would.
The idea of having sex with the dead is not new in human history and its practice has not been limited to only sociopaths, psychos, and serial killers. In fact, killing for the sake of sex after death, while sensationalized by famous serial killers, is not really the “norm” of one fantasizing sex with a dead person. Clinically speaking, Necrophilia is simply one fetish in a long list of paraphilia.
These paraphilias are simply terms which identify for the psychology and psychiatric professionals persons with extreme obsessions in these areas.; (Rob;s Necrophilia Fantasy)
One of the controversial issues associated with Necrophilia is the people who handle the corpses in mortuaries. ;To this day the various professions dealing with the preparation and handling of corpses have the highest incidence of

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