Nationalism is the theory of the nation-state, thus it has a great importance and impact on society in the modern world. Nation is a sociological term that refers to a group of people who have a sense of union with one another. While state is a political word that includes four elements; people, territory, government, and sovereignty.
Nationalism helps people to identify with the interests of their national group and to support the creation of a state in support of those interests. After the French Revolution, nationalism became more and more popular. Leftists supported Nationalism as a mean to improve the welfare of citizens, whereas Rightists used it to promote unity and stability.
Nationalism is an old ideology. Arguably, it is claimed that nationalism is the most powerful ideology of the past two hundred years. It has a huge impact on people from every society. People approve policies that arises under its name, that in any other cases they might not agree with such policies. In fact, these people would have condemned some of these policies if they were not associated with nationalist reasons. Millions of people have died, many properties has been lost and destroyed in the name of state. Also, many individuals gave great contributions to their society and also to people of other societies, to humanity, for the sake of the nation-state.
The term nation has no political implication, even though it is sometimes used in replacement of the words state or country. In fact, the concept of a nation is not political, but social. A nation can exist even though it is not restricted within a particular state or served by a specified government. The existence of a nation occurs when there is a union of people that share similar language, ethnic relationship, cultural heritage, or geographic closeness.
When it comes to the term state, however, it is necessarily political. It is usually used as a synonym for country. A nation of people ca…

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