National Security

The well-being of US is vital on how prudent foreign, defense and allied national security policies are developed, coordinated, expressed, and carried out. The approach starts at the internal level with various federal agencies responsible for the national security and ends with the President making the final decision. At the core of the policy development and decision-making process is the National Security Council which functions as the President's primary forum for taking into account national security and foreign policy matters with his national security advisors and cabinet officials. The Council renders advice and provides assistance to the President on matters relating to national security and foreign policies besides serving as the President's main wing for managing these policies among the diverse government agencies. (Whittaker; Smith; McKune 2007)
1. Who are the main players in the formulation and implementation of National Security policy?
The main players in the formulation and implementation of National Security policy are (i) Dept of State — DOS: The DOS is the front ranking foreign affairs agency and the Secretary of State is the President's main foreign policy advisor. It discharges its primary role in (a) spearheading interagency coordination in formulating and executing foreign policy (b) managing the external affairs budget and other foreign affairs resources (c) leading and coordinating US representations at the international level. (Whittaker; Smith; McKune 2007)
(ii) Department of Defense –DOD: The Secretary of Defense in concert with the Command-in-Chief characterized the principle of'civilian control of the military'. The Secretary together with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff constitutes the main defense players within the interagency arena. The DOD discharges a secondary responsibility to State's lead in foreign policy matters, however plays a main role during…

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