National Security: Injustice or Necessity

"I have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by th content of their character," (Jakoubek 96).It has been forty years since Martin Luther King Jr. had this "dream" and it still has not been fulfilled.Especially during the post September eleventh era, discrimination against those who are non-white has proliferated.I am strongly affirmed that the United States Federal Government is committing an injustice by striping away the civil liberties of minorities in the name of national security.
Security is being used as an excuse for racism.Non- white citizens and legal residents have been singled out as possible threats because of their race or ethnicity(Huong 54).Just the other day I witnessed a friend of my family and a legal resident being deported to Mexico because of the color of his skin.When the gentleman asked why they were doing so they replied, "It is classified."On September 30, 2001, Northwest Airlines would not allow three men of Middle Eastern decent to board a flight (Law Review).Even United States Congressman John Cooksey stated, "If I see someone that comes in that's got a diaper on his head and a fan belt wrapped around the diaper on his head, that guy needs to be pulled over and checked," (Huong 275).Clearly something is wrong with the presentwhen our own law makers make ignorantremarks.That is not all, even innocent children are being persecuted.In New York, school children were threatened when a man claimed he would, "paint the streets with [their] blood," (Huong 275).Clearly we can see that national security is in fact being used as an excuse for racism.
Historically speaking, this was not thefirst time a racial group/groups have been persecuted.The same situation happened to Japanese Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor.On av…

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