NASA’s Role in Av Safety

In our Aviation Safety Class we have been talking about how the FAA and the NTSB provide information and set standards to fly by.However, not much has been spoken on the behalf of NASA.Of course when the word ;NASA; is mentioned, thefirst image that comes to mind is of a Space Shuttle or the launching platform it rests on.However, NASA is much more then just space exploration, its also thegroup that has discovered substantial information in aviation research.
From our reading, we have learned that NASA is an impartial party that works with the FAA, NTSB, military, and the commercial aviation industry.We also know that NASA has two large research centers, one in Ames, California and one in Langley, Virginia.Most of the time, the Langley center studies the ;physiological measures of pilot workload and advanced cockpit elements.While, Ames works out problems dealing with operational implications when dealing with human factors.Some examples of that would be cockpit resource management, fatigue and communications transfer, along with the effect of advanced automation on flight proficiency.
The Aviation Safety Reporting System is also maintained in Ames.This system offers information other then just NTSB reports.An example of this would be human-factors data that isn;t distributed through the Federal Government.Another advantage that the Aviation Safety Reporting System has is that even though it has limitations, it can give out information about ;the influence of new technologies or airline management practices on human performances;.
NASA;s Langley Research Center has also been selected to lead a national aviation safety initiative.It;s goal is to reduce the aircraft accident rate by 5 times within then next 10 years, and 10 times in the next two decades.As one can tell this is a very bold, surprising idea and program that NASA has planned.”This is an exciting…

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