Narcolepsy (written by a highschool student)


Daniel Duthiers
Mrs. Twining
Period 3
Pre IB Psychology

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Contrary to popular belief narcolepsy is not a psychological disorder. Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that causes sleep problems. Narcolepsy is a very serious sleep disorder ; even though narcolepsy itself isn't fatal, it can cause excessive sleepiness during the day, which in turn can cause the narcoleptic person to fall asleep while driving their car ; this is when the disorder is fatal.

A narcoleptic patient experiences many different symptoms. No narcoleptic experiences the disorder in the same way, not all narcoleptics experience all the symptoms. Also the degree at which a narcoleptic might experience these symptoms can vary greatly from minimum ( less than once a week) to a maximum (daily). Some of the common symptoms include paralysis either when waking or when falling asleep, excessive sleepiness throughout the day, hynagogic hallucinations, and cataplexy. Probably the most common symptom of this sleeping disorder, is the excessive sleepiness. Even after a good nights rest a narcoleptic may feel as if he hasn't slept at all. This is probably because narcolepsy cause the patient to have frequent awakenings. Since they have a much lighter sleeping pattern, compared to our deep and restful nights, they may have mini-arousal's that makes them feel as if they have been awake all night. Another symptom that is commonly reported by narcoleptics is the sleep p!
aralysis. When a narcoleptic goes to sleep, during theirfirst stage* (explained later in this paper) they might experience a frightening paralysis. This means that patient won't e able to move for a while. This paralysis, though frightening, is only temporary and usually occurs during thefirst stage of the sleep patterns or when the patient has just woken up. This happens because unlike normal sleepers a…

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