My Worldview on 911

The events of last September 11 were not only remembered but also overwhelming. For thefirst since Pearl Harbor in 1941, America had lived in peace. The events that happened definitely changed my worldview and millions of others in many ways. For a country that is known for liberty and justice, no one would ever have thought of a getting attacked by terrorists. Patriotism, religious views and reality were all combined in outlining my change in worldview.
The terrorist's attack of 911 deeply affected everyone in many ways. For songs that were once just heard and a thing of a past were being heard and listened to with a whole new meaning and perspective. Songs that are played today entirely embrace a new significance.One of my biggest changes in worldviews was the fact that we mustn't take things for granted, such as, life, liberty and justice. A country that bloomed with life on September 10, 2001 changed dramatically to the heart of darkness within one day.
The attack definitely brought me closer to God and millions of others. I've always believed that things happen for a reason but also believe we shall move on. One of the terrorists quoted, "the time of fun has gone and judgment has arrived." This clearly tells us that this terrorist believes that even though America is full of life and liberty, it doesn't mean we should not be on alert, nevertheless be ready for anything.
Computer games were always just a thing of the past for me, but after reading a news article about how the game called "Flight Simulator" gave the terrorists the idea of using an airplane as a weapon, it totally changed my perspective of what games could lead to. In this game, you could actually fly through New York City and even crash into buildings. This made me realize that violent games or even adventurous games could possibly lead to reality.

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