My Views on Teen Auto Insurance

Auto insurance rates for teenage drivers in our community are unreasonable. The premiums are just too high. I know that I personally cannot afford the high premiums. I am still attending school, so I am only able to work part-time. I do not make nearly enough money to pay my own auto insurance and still be able to affordthe everyday expenses. I believe insurance premiums are unreasonably high for teens because insurance companies base the rates on unjust factors,many teens cannot afford high rates, and teenage drivers are being stereotyped.
I had called several auto insurance companies on the phone over the summer and received ridiculously high quotes. Allstate Auto Insurance company, for example,had given me a quote for as much as three hundred dollars a month. The quotes I received were not even for a newer model car. Then, I realized it was going to be quite difficult for me to maintain a car at this point and time. I would have to paythree hundred dollars a month for auto insurance alone. On top ofthat, I would have to pay a monthly car note which could possibly be just as high as the insurance.
Insurance prices are already high but are subject to be even higher based factors that I do not think shouldmatter as much as they do. The newer the car that is being insured, the more I shouldexpect to pay. Two door cars are insured at a higher rate than four door cars because most two door cars are considered to be sports cars. The color of the car that is being insured would also raise the price I would pay for insurance. Red and black cars, for example, are
colors that would cost me extra on my insurance because they are considered to be "hot" colors. At the Color Matters website,a researcher statedthat red cars get in more accidents
and receive more tickets. Black cars were found to have the second most.
Whether I am male or female plays a role as well. Luckily for me, I …

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