My Political Views

I consider myself to be a moderate to strong republican. It took me a long time to realize what degree I was.Most people know what party they are but few know how strong their beliefs are.After looking at the republican platform and comparing my views on the issues, which are: gun control, immigration, national language, capital punishment, and welfare reform; I found out that I am a much stronger republican than I earlier thought.The republican platform believes in welfare reform that eliminates waste, fraud, and abuse; require work from those who are able to work; limit the time allowed on public assistance; and reduce the burden on the taxpayer.
They also believe that all Americans have the God given right to be safe in their homes, on their streets, and in their communities.They believe in tougher law enforcement, with stiffer penalties, eliminating the loopholes in our justice system today, and finding judges who respect the law and its law-abiding people.
They also believe that our government is too large to be tuely effective.They believe that the people know what is best for them.They oppose discrimination and that people believe that people should be judges by ability rather than race, creed, or disability.They believe in a united America through one national language for all federal business.They also believe that in order to protect the environment we need some type of population control so the generations to come will be able to live the American dream.
In my point of view gun control is about as strict as it needs to get.Any law-abiding citizen without any criminal record should be able to buy and own any gun.This includes semi or automatic weapons.An argument to this is what do they need an automatic gun for?Let me just compare that to something else like cars.The speed limit now at the most is seventy-five miles per hour. What do people need with cars that go one hundred fifty miles pe…

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