My Personal Stand on Abortion

As a Christian Catholic, my stand on abortion is obviously negative. Abortion has been there for as long as one could remember. But this does not mean it is something that can be passed and adapted through generations just like our customs and traditions. Abortion devalues our appreciation of fellow human being.
People of different groups have contradicting beliefs regarding this matter.In some Christian areas like the Philippines, abortion should be made illegal since we believe that life begins when the sperm and the egg cells meet. Thus terminating an early pregnancy is the same as killing a newborn baby. People especially those living in the western part have this belief that in thefirst weeks of pregnancy, only blood is formed in the womb, thus terminating it does not really mean killing. This notion made abortion to be okay and the people doing it free from guilt. Also the environments surrounding them are big contributors to their decisions. In the USA and some parts of Europe, particularly in the UK, various drugs and paraphernalias for abortion are made available over-the-counter for everybody's convenience. Due to developments in medical science, the procedures for abortion in healthcare systems are also less risky for the pregnant women. Obviously these set up encourage citizens to deal with unwanted pregnancy without much worry.
There are instances wherein abortion is induced for medical reasons. A mother's life could be endangered, thus a need for abortion. In this case, the beliefs are compromised in order to save a life that is more important and the law exempts this case from abortion. But there are circumstances in which the fetus is known to have disabilities beforehand, thus abortion is done so as not to give the human being a difficult life later. This could be unfair to that being since he has the right to live but cannot defend and decide for himself. And the autonomy to make that decision lie…

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