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Muslim Fundamentalists in Pakistan In the country of Pakistan, the major religion is that of the Muslim faith.But not all of 130 million citizens of Pakistan that are Muslim are considered fundamentalists, in fact, a small number of Muslims in Pakistan are fundamentalists.According to the Pakistan government, 77% are Sunni Muslim, 20% are Shi'a Muslim, 1.5% are Christian, and the remaining 1.5% are Ahmadi, Hindus, Zirkis, followers of other faiths, or people that follow no organized or recognized religion. But the Muslim faith was not that of the original Pakistani culture. Moreover, the Muslim fundamentalists who follow the Quran, tend to carry many conflicts between their literal beliefs, and what the Quran literally says.
In second and third millennium B.C., India and Pakistan were the home of the Indus Valley civilization, a kingdom with wealth. Then, in about 1500 B.C., the entire civilization was obliterated by the Aryans.The constantly changing chain of command begins here. The Aryans were overtaken by the Persians, the Persians were overtaken by Alexander the Great, Alexander was followed by the Selucids, the Selucids were overtaken by the Mauryas, the Mauryas were overtaken by the Bactrians, the Bactrians were conquered by the Scythians, the Scythians were conquered by the Parthians, the Parthians were removed by the Kushans, the Kushans were overtaken by Muslim Arabs, the Arabs were conquered by the Turks, the Turks were eventually ousted by the British, the British were ousted by the Persians, the Persians were conquered by the Afghans, and the Afghans were ousted by the Sikhs. From this history of constantly changing rule from all over the world, any native culture that ever existed in Pakistan has been long since wiped out. Pakistan’s primary distinction for the last 3,500 years or so has been the frequency and viciousness of the wars fought over it.
After the Sikhs claimed rule, the modern history of th…

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