Murder or Punishment

"Are you for or are you against the death penalty?"This is a question often asked and highly debated by many Americans today.The death penalty is a very controversial issue with two distinct opposing views, with the pro side of the issue being the stronger of the two.There are many people who spend the majority of their live fighting for their side of this issue.From propaganda to speeches, to essays, society is filled with reasons to be pro or con the death penalty.It seems, to me, as though the reasons for being for capital punishment out weigh the competition by far.Sentencing a murderer to the death penalty is a good punishment that I support deeply because it brings justice and peace to the victims' families and morally it is right.
Being wrongfully accused of a murder is a terrible thing.That is why many people oppose the death penalty.They are afraid that by using this way of punishment, that many innocent people are being executed for crimes they didn't commit. Bill Ryan, a retired social worker from the Illinois Death Penalty Moratorium Project, says that the recent parade of pardoned men marching off of Death Row, 13 in the past two years to be exact, has triggered the large movement on this issue(" End").Just the thought of being sentenced to death for not doing anything wrong is absurd and not comprehensible to most individuals.Even though there is a minute possibility for this to happen, abolitionists continue to harp on it.With all of the DNA testing, the appeals, and the fact that the suspect has to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the chances for this scenario to happen are continuing to decipate.Even though death row inmates have been released, it doesn't mean that they were innocent.
One reason the death penalty is an acceptable disciplinary act is because it brings justice and peace to the victim's family.Just imagin

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