Murder is Murder(Capital Punishment)

Murder is Murder
Capital punishment has been a controversial topic almost since it’s inception.Since biblical times, an “eye for an eye,” or a ” tooth for a tooth”, has been the established norm for retribution.As society advanced, the methods of capital punishment became more “civilized”.However, the result remains the same, legally sanctioned death.Reform of automatic death sentences began in Europe in the 1750’s.The social reformers and English law reformers of that time argued that the death penalty was needlessly cruel, overrated as a deterrent, and occasionally imposed in fatal error.The social reformers proposed life imprisonment as a more humane alternative.The social reformers proposal is consistent with my opinion.Any death of any person is wrong.
The general population’s opinion is that capital punishment permanently removes the worst criminals from society, and is less expensive and safer for society, than long-term or permanent incarceration.It is evident that dead criminals cannot commit any more crimes.However, the same is true for criminals serving life sentences.Most people would think it is less expensive to execute a person rather than keep them in prison, which is not always true.It is estimated that a capital case resulting in execution may cost $2,000,000.However life imprisonment’s $20,000 a year is comparable.Of course we would think that execution would not be expensive but the legal fees, appeals and the court cost make execution very costly.It is simply not cost effective.Furthermore, the fact that a person is convicted of a murder and sentenced to death does not always mean he or she is guilty. There are many people who are wrongly accused.What if someone is innocent and they are wrongly executed? There is no possible way to compensate for his or her wrongful death.
In some cases a person convicted of the murder

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