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Mauritius and Modes of Inter-ethnic Compromise
Mauritius is one of the polyethnic countries that has the most peaceful and stable democratic.Basically the concept of the multicultural country is based on the balance between the difference and the equality and, most importantly, something that every citizens shares(compromises) together, in this sense,’Inter-ethnic Compromise’. I now would like to explain this kind of function in Mauritius, which I believe it is one of the most efficient.
An important element in the Mauritian political system is the so-called arrangement, which guarantees the presentation of all ethnic groups through alloting a limited number of parliamentary seats to runner-upat general Election. The best loser are selected so as to ensure the representation of all ethnic groups in the Legislative Assembly. In this way, I think the right to be different is more emphasized than the right to be equal, since as a democratic country, every ethnic needs to have voice in the parliament.
Other elements are religions, schooling system and official languages.I would like to empasize on the schooling system, which here the right to be oqual prevails over the right to different.Thus core circula are uniform island-wide, as are exams.However, classes in ‘ancestral languages’ are offered as optional subjects.It could be said ,therefore, that Mautiriusn scholing system stresses on equal opportunity yet allows for the expression of symbolic diffences.
By this way We can see that,as I mentioned at the outset, the concept of ‘Inter-ethnic compromise’ or the balance between equal right and the right to be different depends upon the need of the society. However,there are still many paradoxes inthe island,which I think they are somewhat inevitable for the multicultural society.
This will haveto do as a general introduction to public policies relating to ethnic differences and national cohesion in Mauritius.First of all,…

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