Multicultural and Anti Racist literature

The issues of fighting racism and stereotypes in children's literature have been addressed in two ways: through multicultural or anti racist literature.These issues have been presented in bodies of work for the very young to older children.Patricia Polacco and Eloise Greenfield have revolutionized children's literature with their stories that address societies needs.Greenfield's style is distinctive from Polacco's; her stories address multiculturalism, whereas Pollaco's is anti racist literature.The reason for this difference in style is due to the era in which these authors wrote their books.Although Greenfield has recent books published in the late 1990s, her books were mostly written and published during the 1970s.Polacco, on the other hand, wrote and published her books in the 1990s to present.Therefore, these two authors have distinct presentation, styles, and goals of their work.Their work, although written two decades apart also focus on two different age groups ranging from preschoolers to elementary children.For this reason their style may house similarities, such as the goal of multiculturalism of their work, but it is distinct, as in the route, multicultural or anti racist, they chose to take to achieve their goal.
One uses multiculturalism to identify that regardless of race, children are individuals and feel similar feelings to the similar situation, whereas anti-racist literature increases awareness of racial and religious barriers, aiming to educate the reader about minority group's sufferings, culture, and ceremonies.At times anti-racist books, incorporated multiculturalism, with emphasis on specific anti racist behavior that reduces prejudice and increases acceptance.These two authors are known for their contributions to multicultural and anti racist literature.Their styles are distinct, Greenfield's aim is the incorporation of all children through her chara…

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