In deciding what to research for this project, I had a hard time figuring out what to research. When I chose this topic, I never thought I would be writing about the flaws of MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Drivers). I am not writing the flaws to bring them down or think against them, but to point out that even such prestigious organizations have flaws and kinks that even the group itself should realize. I agree with MADD, I just found a few problems that I have researched to prove this point.
To give some background information and thefirst flaw information, the following data comes from an article by Eric Peters (Is Mother's Against Drunk Driving out of control?). Candy Lightner started MADD in 1980 because a man with multiple convictions ran down her 13-year-old daughter. This brought on one of the most heavily combated scourges against drunk drivers ever. This is a wonderful thing that Candy started. A supposed well developed program in which mother's or anyone became more aware of drunk drivers. But in years later, Candy Lightner has said, "MADD has become overzealous," "I worry that the movement I helped create has lost direction." Candy has now become a lobbyist for breweries. She sees that MADD is becoming out of control and pushing some tactics too far. Some of the tactics are states blood alcohol levels and funding for anti-drug adds (Tamar Lewin).When the next president of MADD came in, Karolyn Nunnallee, she had a similar sad story. In 1988, Nunnallee's daughter, Patty, and 23 other students were on a church trip never made it to there destination. It was called "the worst drunk-driving accident ever". The students were traveling in a school bus when Larry Mahoney, in his truck struck, the bus dead on, right headlight to right headlight. The truck hit the bus's gas tank and the bus blew up and killed all 24 people. This was a horrible accident and event. It was lat…

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