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Are teenager really different these days?I mean I was once a teenager, I must know.All I can remember about being a teenager were that bagging cloths were in, playing sports, and getting good grades for mom and dad. Life seemed simple, going to school and some mischief here there, but what I really wonder was is what kids do, feel, and think these days.Hoping to find some answers I attended a Hmong Seventh-Day Adventist Church camp meeting.
The camp meeting includes about 30 teenagers with a good balance of both boys and girls.The age group that I focused on was 15 to 18 year olds.One good aspect of this study was that all the kids were Hmong, in which I was all the more interested in.My duty in the camp meeting was assisting instructors and helping with activities.In my position I able to do my so called one on one “counsel-chatting” with a couple of individuals.This included me chatting one to one with one individual one ideas or subjects and how they feel.
In my study I split the ages into two groups, 15 to 16 and 17 to 18 year olds.This is due to the fact that I saw some differences in them.From there I then split the ages into boys and girls.
“Boys will be boys” is what I’ve notice in the age group of boys from 15 to 16.The boys would stick to their little groups, in which made it all the more interesting.These boys seems to “just wanna have fun.”One thing that I found interesting was thatthey want to have fun not to get in trouble, but to build friendships and enjoy eachothers company.Another thing was that the boys liked doing activities better with each and not with the girls and vice versa for the girls too.What is funny is that when they do get together I got that feeling of b

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