Morality of War

In the wake of the destruction of September 11th, 2001, the United States of America were faced with an insecure future. With massive amounts of anti-American sentiments present all over the world, along with the growing threat of more terrorism against the US, President George W. Bush was forced to make a decision on whether or not to send the country to war. The war in Iraq was morally justified because Bush had a moral obligation to protect the interests of US citizens.
Iraq presented a great threat to the United States as a whole, with the weapons of mass destruction that American allies believed to exist, posing destruction of insurmountable amounts if utilized by Saddam Hussein against American lives. Hussein, the leader of Iraq, had been killing massive amounts of his citizens in genocide as well. Bush had enough evidence to know that American lives were threatened, so his decision to go to war with Iraq was morally justified.
The United States had been subject to terrorism from other countries in the Middle East for years, most notably the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. To protect the US from further attacks from the Middle East, Bush led the country into war to put a stop to the terror. In Iraq Bush had a country that had provided aide to terrorism and was openly opposing UN orders regarding the weapons of mass destruction. Bush chose Iraq as a country to make an example of, in order to prevent more terrorism attacks on the US, and thus protect the lives of US citizens.
Iraq was setting the stage for other countries to attack the US. In showing that they could sidestep the UN whenever it wanted, Iraq was in essence laying a blueprint to show how to terrorize America. With no strong deterrence from the US or its allies, Iraq was free to terrorize anyone in ways that Hussein saw fit.
Bush knew that invading Iraq and taking Hussein out of power was going to be a relatively easy task, which is

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