Moral Philosophy

Alasdair MacIntyre and Virginia Held are two important figures in the fold
of philosophy.Both are renowned because of their own special
fieldsâ€"MacIntyre for moral philosophy purely, and Virginia Held for
partitioning it for feminist philosophy.MacIntyre’s views appear more
global and humanitarian.One may say that Held’s goal is the same; she
only looks at feminism as a necessary medium for the service of humanity.
Moral philosophy takes into account development, keeps an open mind
about matters that must be given thought, and consists of moral theories.
MacIntyre, for instance, gives up on the idea of individual culture to
shape morality.Instead, he believes in being questioning toward our moral
values and to adopt a somewhat universal culture with its own particular
profile of morality.Here, a candid, liberal mind is used.Held, on the
other hand, discusses a feminist moral theory, not pure moral philosophy,
when she expresses her opinion that moral theory must be about caring as
well.Hence, based on Held’s theory, there must be interdependence rather
As mentioned earlier, both philosophers express their views in a style
that catches attention.However, no philosopher among the two has found
the other guilty of erroneous conviction.Their ideas on moral philosophy
or moral theory (a part of moral philosophy) are unique and still weighty
Peace is best;;;this is wisest to say.Many would say that capital
punishment is bad while killing in war is justified.It depends: this is
my viewpoint.There are innumerable variables involved as far as killing
is concerned, a moral philosopher may be aware also.Why is an individual
being killed’Why is war being waged’Should the innocent be killed in
war too only because of the corrupti

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