Moral and Ethical Implications of Breast Implants

The Moral and Legal Obligations of Breast Implants
In a world that revolves around impressions, many people that it is very important to look your best at all times.We are constantly seeing images of the "perfect body".From Barbie to Baywatch, American women are constantly being shown images of girls with eighteen inch waists, thirty two inch hips and a D cup chest.Feeling as if they need to achieve this image to be attractive, women flock to the exercise gym in large numbers.They spend two hours a day exercising to achieve that tiny waistline that they desire.They are not satisfied with the chest that God gave them so they also want to alter this aspect of their body.In the past, women did chest exercises to enhance their bustline.As they got smarter, they realized that all that they were doing is enlarging the muscle and in fact minimizing their bustline. In today's age of technology, scientist have developed a way to surgically inhance the size of women's bustlines.By surgically inserting silicone bags i!
nto the breast, women everywhere had the opportunity to achieve the most desirable bustline.A surgery originally intended for reconstructive purposes, by 1990 eighty percent of all implants were for cosmetic reasons.This dream surgery quickly turned into a nightmare.With reports of leaky and ruptured bags, the number of new surgeries began to drop.Women took it upon themselves to have tests done to see if these ruptured bags were in any way shape or form dangerous to their health.Allegations were made that the implants were responsible for muscle and joint pain, weight loss, and fatigue along with several severe autoimmune disorders.The patients were not happy with the unexpected side effects of his surgery and combined their legal resources and made several class action suits against Dow Chemical, the manufacturer of the silicone implants.Is the manufacturer responsible for…

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