Moon Landing

It's the 1960's and America was at war. Thousands of Americans were dieing in a conflict that most people didn't even understand. Russia was dominating the space race five-one. It seemed America was now at the bottom of the world power spectrum. America needed something to be proud of so in 1969 we decided to land on the moon. It put hope in people's lives and smiles on children's faces. Although the moon landing was a landmark event for America, decades later many skeptics believe it never happened.
Thefirst evidence used by the skeptics is the picture of the American flag "waving in the breeze" on the moons surface. There is no air on the moon's surface, nor is there any atmosphere to hold it if there was (Sibrel 4). So how does the flag flutter? It has to be fake.
Secondly, about 20 miles from the Earth, there is a radiation belt named the Van Allen belt. Supposedly no human can get through this belt. If you tried than you would get hit with a dangerous, even lethal amount of radiation (Overstreet). The Space crafts had to go through these belts and there was no way the ships could afford to take all the weight of lead shielding with them (Moon Hoax?).
The third and most common point is that there are no stars in the sky and odd shadows in the pictures taken on the surface of the moon. On the moon, there is only one light source, the sun (Sibrel 2). So how could there be shadows at different angles? There are also no stars in the sky. In fact, you will never see any stars in any photographs taken on the Moon (Overstreet).
The flag used on the moon had a horizontal bar attached to it at the top.This was done so that the flag would stand out from the flagpole. There would be no wind on the moon, so any normal flag would just hang limply and unattractively down the pole (The Great Moon Hoax). It was waving because of the astronauts waving it back and forth t

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