money in politics

A wise delegate once said "Money in politics is like ants in your kitchen: If you don't close all the holes, money will find a way in. And once money is in the system, it tends to corrupt politics in subtle and gross ways that laws simply cannot control." This concept is thought provokingly addressed in the article "The Evil of Access" by Mark Green. In my opinion, Green was right "on the money" in his insights concerning the need for campaign finance reform in American politics. I find it quite alarming that 94% of the time, the Congressional candidate spending the most money wins the election. Not to mention, in the year 2000, the average expense for a seat in the House came to almost $850,000. Green quotes a senator who said that "Senators are human calculators who can weigh how much every vote will cost them." As money's role in our democracy grows within our elections and campaigns, as does our own departure from democracy itself. It has even come to the point where members of Congress despise having to vote on controversial, but essential, issues because they are forced to keep in mind how their vote will effect their finances. This is due to the fact that they have to raise an extravagant amount of money is they even are considering running for re election in order to be competitive. Green includes the quote "The culprit is not corrupt candidates but a corrupt system that coerces good people to take tainted money". This whole "pay to play" system hurts democracy. The thousands of dollars candidates receive from special interest groups counter the opinions and interests the majority supports through simple bribery. Candidates all are aware of the money that they will lose if they don't vote in ways that is beneficial to their contributors. Without the financial support, they won't have the money to run because of the high cost of keeping up with othe…

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