Modest proposal

Picture this, you're walking down Queen Street in Toronto, and there is not a homeless person in sight.This is because living on the streets of Toronto is illegal!
I am sure that many of you feel sorry to have to see someone beg for money in order to afford something to eat.I know I feel sorry for them.But then think about it, why should we feel sorry for someone that probably dropped out of school and then never bothered to find a job.As bad as I feel for them I feel even more disgusted to see them living on the side of the street.
I believe that because of this problem in Toronto, many people are reluctant to visit, or even live there.Because of their appearance, homeless people are scary.They can be very pushy when panhandling for money as well.When you walk down the street and you see a homeless person, they are usually dressed in rags, have not showered, and have what we would call trash which is their only possessions.They really have no choice to dress like this because they cannot afford anything else to wear.This is because no one is willing to give them a job.
The obvious solution to this problem would be to increase the high school drop out age to about eighteen.In doing this it would force kids to stay in school and receive a proper education, which they need in order to succeed in life.Even if the person stays in school but can not still find employment then the school should step in and help them find one.If this was to happen it would help decrease the amount of homeless people on the street because everyone would have an education which would enable them to get a job.Seeing how most kids would find new ways to drop out, it would be very hard to enforce this as a rule.So my solution to this problem would be making living on the streets illegal.
If anyone was found living on the streets, they would have to pay a fine.If they could not afford this fine, then they would be se…

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